Social Justice

A Vincentian Perspective of Social Justice

Social Justice is a subset of Systemic Change. It is usually defined by those who champion it such as governments, unions, religions, law, sports, education…etc

To a Vincentian, social justice is an individual’s ability to access opportunities which lead to desired health, education, safety and security that a home provides, and well-being.  This opportunity should not be denied based on a person’s wealth, age, legal or political association, economics, disabilities, philosophy, culture, gender, or ethnicity.

To look with insight is the first step to understanding social injustices that lurk in a community.

Read the paper. Many of us are sheltered from those that experience food insecurity, go to school or to bed hungry, women and men that live in alcoves and shelters, babies born to moms without an address, those that work but cannot afford a home, warm clothes, or activities for themselves or their children that many of us take for granted.  We are unfamiliar with mental and physical pathologies that prevent individuals from holding a job.  And we may judge.

The second step to creating a more equitable society is to advocate at every level of government, and forge relationships with like-minded service agencies. Our hope is that investigating the following links will provide you with useful information and opportunities to learn, share, and find your niche in creating a more equitable community.

The strategic plan relative to Social Justice for the Society of St. Vincent de Paul of Hamilton and Hamilton West for the next year is to focus on Education, Homelessness, Health and Well-being.

Happy reading!