Donate to Hamilton Particular Council (Select the Conference you want to donate to under Fund)
Donate to Hamilton West Particular Council 

We have two councils in Hamilton – (Hover Over To See List Of Conferences –>) Hamilton Particular Council and Hamilton West Particular Council.

There are many ways in which you can help. Your help, whether it is in the form of financial donations OR material goods donations OR volunteering, allows us to help those in need as we greatly depend on donations and volunteers to help us carry out our programs.


Your financial help may be both big and small as every financial contribution enables us to serve those in need. You may contribute in a number of ways.

You may also wish to make donations in memory of family members and friends that have passed on, in thanksgiving for prayers answered, for special occasions, or for accomplishments achieved. You can also make recurring monthly donations which would be extremely helpful to families in need.

LEGACY GIVING.  There are many ways of planning your charitable donations so that you can optimize the benefits to both the church and you, the donor. Many legacy or planned giving options are deferred donations (given at a later time) through a Will and estate. These donations have legal and financial implications that should be discussed with a lawyer or financial planner.


You may also wish to donate gently used household items, furniture and clothing which are sold in our “$avings $tores” to support our programs and works. To donate these items, please contact one of our stores for FREE pick-up.


You may also wish to volunteer your time to assist us at our Stores either for a few hours a day or week as you desire. To volunteer, please call one of our stores  and discuss with our Store Manager.


You may also help spiritually by praying for God’s guidance for our members as they go out to serve the needy in our community.